Me and Boat

My condition is also like these boats
Taking shelter from sun and

rain under trees,
And standing still and quiet beside land
To be safe,
Though I am made to float in boat on water,
And during mid-day trees can’t give any shade
If you were here,
I could float
And I could also move to the places
Where I could seek shade,
You are the boatman
I wait and wander for.


Emotional People

For their temporary feeling they take permanent decision
For their simple error they will feel guilty forever
To the fake and flaw people the forgive never
To the culprits they punish like demons of literature.

For them economy never matters
To them truth is praised even in its ugly forms
For them memory is always wealth
Happiness is life increaser and health.

You can’t follow
Your heart
Be happy
You can follow
People on facebook
And twitter.


If you are judging

If you are judging me
On the basis of my past
Then I have learned a lot
And I am strong enough
Because it was rough
Not like the bed of roses.
If you are judging me
On the basis of my present
Then I learn every seconds,
And every second you will find
A new and up to dated version
With different vision of me.
If you are judging me
On the basis of your narrow fiction
Which is not sure then
Don’t you forget!
That you are also in the same boat
A single paddle can pull you down
And spoil your highlighters the colour.

A fly over the sky

Once you leave the earthly fear and earth,
And fly over the sky
You will see
Sun and moon are under your eyes
And stars will come and apart
Like wind changing its direction
After blowing in one action…
Murder the fear in yourself
To help yourself

A Visit to my Village after 12 Years.

I visited my village
With the same fondness
Of young age…
There used to be
Both sides trees
Shading the water
Of canal…
Calling everyone
To sit and calm
Without any dispute
And discrimination.
Now, there is a brick factory
In the centre of place
Employing many ppl
Enslaving ppl with money.
But there is no trees
To provide pure air
And to shade people from Sun
The images of trees on water
Are just the stubborn memory…
Now, my countryside is not a VDC
It’s a municipality
With high taxation implementations
On land…
Where the lands are unploughed
And people are all engaged
In foreign currency earning
In gulf countries…
I sometimes think to settle
In my place
But again my ethics
Are not ethnical
To stay deair
And I’ll do unfair
With ppl deair
For dem everything that is fair is unfair
I fear…

Flowers and Buds

Flowers_ offered in temples
Are alluring
Something everyone would love to pick
And keep high on their heads.

Buds _
Of all gardens
Of cities and villages
Face the Stroms and thunders
To reach the autumn.

Buds_ the symbol of hope
To bloom
To exude the fragrance.

A tragedy
The buds are unaware
Of the demons
That pluck
And mess them before
The morning sunrise….

Many buds never to bloom
And many birds never to sing
Because they never saw the spring.

The Face of Anger

I hav counted the faces on her face
and observed love protruding
as if it was just rain
by sky’s overflowed of clouds.

She looked with glazed failed
seeing only in her eyes, I’m scared.

The arms that were open to hug,
were ready and strong enough to hurt
like the sculptor’s weapon.
The eyes that were appealing and praising
are red of violent.

I dared to asked, “mother what happened?”

Replied, ” The people who assisted to rape and murdered my children
are still visiting my shrines,
and praying me for strengthen
and looking for girls to pray for nine days.”

O! Mother,
Your womb is a den of lionesses and tigresses
roaring day and night
ignoring until there is no right time
and at the end tauting to the grave.

Late night, we had a fight
I tried to hug her tight
But, she didn’t loose her heart
The simple art, she kicked me out
I took place in living-room
And shouted loud to increase her anger
After that,
I ate well, I slept well.
Today morning, she had school
I wake up late at eight
She has already left
I did my best
But I could not wait long to see her return
I left the home.
I miss you!
And apologize you for teasing you!!

The Cost of Being a Girl published on Sunday 23 september

After the class distribution of academic session 2075, a very good friend of mine visited me after long time, and sobbed extremely high. It caused me worrisome and amazement that I only stared on her face like stars in the sky. I couldn’t utter any voice for sometimes. After some, a few minutes, she felt fine but till then it was an exceedingly guilty feeling for me to be a part of such shocking incident.

After sometimes, I dared to ask the cause of tears in her beautiful black big eyes. She replied, “Since last year, I have been a teacher of Mathematics of secondary level, but this time, I’m dishonored by degrading to lower secondary level.” She also added that as she tried to know the cause of her demotion or her fault, the principal startled her by acknowledging and reminding her that she was a girl, and he has heard, her parents are looking for her match; she may get married this season and they will have difficulty to find a teacher for secondary level in mid-session. He also added if she joins the school after her marriage they will have no any problem with her, they will welcome her. Consequently she said, “After listening this, I felt like I should commit suicide for no reason than being born a girl.”

At this moment, I didn’t see multiple ways to heal her. And I hastily, disparaged male professionals, especially teachers by bringing some historical issues of male teachers in context of schools and colleges, where male teachers had ran away with girl students of grade 9 and 10, and plus two and bachelor level, and along with it found culprit for the charge of sexual assault, and the schools had only dismissed their teachers instead of going to police, to protect their public prestige for economic and social prosperity. I also presented other perspective by giving a thorough gaze at the situation, and said, neither lady employees can impress their principal and directors by going everywhere with them nor they can buy their groceries like male teachers do.

The other perception, I added brought smile on her face which was a proud moment for me. After all, someone was smiling and the reason behind it was me.

Obviously, the point the principal told her was not wrong, but, they were not reality as well, for future is unseen and life doesn’t go as our planning. However, movement is the issue the principal said, but, who knows that someone may find someone in the same city.

There are several instances, where girls give up once they engage in the professional life politics because of short minded mentality. As I am authoring this, it is like advocating for girls but really I have never found girls working at good position in my own hometown, either that is in private sector or  in government sector. And young girls reaching to good position and receiving good social and professional status itself is inspiration in all career to growing girls, especially when the girl is in teaching profession. Because good teachers teach, better teachers inspire and the best teachers are inspiration themselves for coming girls in Terai where the society is lagging behind not because of lack of enough facilities, but because of leg pulling mentality and blaming girls for their nature and culture.

While connecting the above mentioned incident and recent going campaign implemented in province no.2 that is “Educate Girl Save Girl” need to be corrected, and it should be like ‘Employ Girls to Educate Growing Girls and to Stop Gender Determination Tests’. It is also very well-known to all the rational citizens of the nation that gender inequality is at Mount Everest peak in plain part of the country; that can be slowly and gradually minimized by giving space to girls and proving them equal to boys.

At last, if woman’s issues like getting married, bearing children, caring family, and so forth are taken in consideration then there won’t be any girls in any sector. And if it is the matter of marriage; it is sure but uncertain when. So, there should be system of pre-information from both party, organization and employees if the organization wants to fire or the employee want to fire the job.  At least one month earlier the discontented candidate can inform where the employee can seek other job or, the organization can look for good candidate during the time. If we look back to the constitution of our nation which has given 33 percent reservation along with other several facilities to women that is also a kind of compensation to bring them at professional level and also to continue the nature of femininity. As the government has given quota, all the local level should also manage this kind of policy to bring quick change, and also to reduce the cost of begin a girl.




M.A in English from Pokhara University IACER,  and doing M.A in Sociology from Tribhuvan University. Now I live in Birgunj