Nature Balances Everything

I can write well
I can speak
And my speech can convince
But when I’ve extreme pain
Neither my words are enough to express
Nor my heavy heart let’s me utter any voice
I just mourn
Without sound
Without sound!

Life is there for death!
Life is there for death!!
Life is there for death!!!
But when I see totally
Immoral and imbalanced acts
And then nature giving just a shake,
Sometimes as earthquake
Sometimes as flood
Sometimes as hurricane!!

Where there is no favor for feminity
Femine flows to adequate everything
Nature has its own way to balance the unbalanced!
She doesn’t speak
But she has limit to tolerate,
Her tenderness is trashed
So, she throws what is excess!!


The Red Rose

O Red Rose thou art peace.

The visible warmth is rich,

That sprays in the day and night

In the howling storm feel:

Has given out thy rest

Of crimson joy:

And my darkest heart

Does not thy life destroy.

Mom’s Addiction in Adulthood

Dear Mom!
When i’ve so much to tell
i feel u’r only right person to listen
And smile at my silly nonsense talk.
When i’ve so much to hide
i want you to hug me tight
Or, i hug you tight
Keep my head on your shoulder
And cry and cleanse my heart
Through my eyes.
When i have heard you alot
And want to be far and alone
i want you to tease me and say
That i’m going to miss you one day.
But, besides this all
When i begin to live with you
Slowly and unknowing i commence
To fall under your addition and influence
And then again leaving you
And living without you
Make me feel, i will surely die
However, it’s your mercy, and hope
To see that i servive.
Sometimes, i want to tell many things
But i choose to be quiet,
Because i know the enlarged level
Of your worries.

Once there was a time,
I would only see the roses
but now I see the deeply rooted shoot
Its bough, twig and unwanted leaves
And primarily the thorns.
So all my optimism
Has gone somewhere
From where it won’t come back again
And the possible seems impossible
Even when the good comes to me
I become skeptical
And doubt its intention.
Is this maturity?
If yes, I wish and wander to be insane
For eternity, as long as the Sun would keep on providing light during day
And the Moon peace and calm during night.

I’d nothing left
almost everything i did,
went in vain
i’s left all without anything:
i’s bankrupt
i’s all alone
i’s void,i’s full of pain,
my eyes were raining like rain
suddenly, a thought that
yr arrival is still remaining
in my life made me
shine and forge forward in life
and live the life
until it become life to love
indeed, life of dream.

Cool down
if you are feeling broken,
don’t forget that
the broken bricks,
often in several parts
and in severe state
require more concrete mixture
of sand and cement
while making wall,
and it even takes more time to set,
but once it’s set
it comes to be stronger than the unbroken
and single bricks.

all my murmuring sound,
all my down falls,
stories of suppression and alienation
tell the tales
how inhumane
and wht kinda judge u r!

#genderperspective, #feministvoice #Traditionalgenderrole

I miss me, I’m no more a fresher

Once I was,
Full of energy and passion
Courage to change and free to speak the truth.
I miss me, I’m no more a fresher.

Who led the procession for the subjugated people
Spoke the voices of speechless
And was optimistic to be propitious.
Once I was a fresher,
Old people’s talk about past, caste and thode tore me like newspaper of past,
And I rained like rain to wet all around me,
I miss me, I’m no more a fresher.

My state is like the old tree
Thick, tall and strong
Who neither increase its products production
Nor think of reproduction to nurture and care
The new creations
I miss me, I’m no more a fresher.

I’m like the bamboo
Hollow inside it,
I’m like the void vessel making too much noise.
There is dioxion in me, which never let me to love the people younger than me,
Appreciate the deeds and efforts made others like me,
I have developed an illusion that I’m always right,
Now my dreams are crippled and crawled like bird in the cage of my own enlightenment.
I miss me, I’m no more a fresher!
I miss me, I’m no more a fresher!!
I miss me, I’m no more a fresher!!!


When the sun is on head
And when darkness engulf
I vanish and be on vain.
Beside, this all I’m always there with you
Sometimes, beside you
Sometimes, behind you
Sometimes, right of you
Sometimes, left of you.
I’m always in opposite side
From where light is coming.
I’m colourless,
Movement of sun is responsible
For myshape and size
No one can hold, abduct me.
It’s only you who is accountable
For my pain.
I’m yours forever,
And I’m on your feet:
I’m your shadow.