Perverted Pokhara seeks Protection

Perverted Pokhara seeks protection

Dat visit to beauty teased me,

It was  wrapped up with natural beauty

But, uncovered, and rapped by moral & duty

Blessed with lakes, cave and history.

Besides, these all humans

Are dematoring its purity

After getting tickets in Gupt eshwar cave

Fake cow arrives in cave

And gives only milk if you put coin

To please Shiv.

I reached fewa lake safely

But my safety was transfigured into insecurity

Life jackets were life taking

That even the begger wears it 

I would suggest to be far away from me.

Fewa Rani was without priest

How do the pilgrims visit to pilgrimage

Will send to pristine??

The caves were blasting with stints

Making sick, suffocation shimmered

In every breathing, and promise to keep

No negative words to nature fall..


Picture Lesson

Lesson from these pictures.

From the first: To give light and burn bright,

                             you have to be on height

                        and you have to choose dark-side.

From the second:To get something,

                                forget something

                           You can’t get everything.

Perplexion (poem)

lost in the forest of friends

they show me different ways

I can’t decide on which I can walk long distance

and I won’t return back again and again

to start from the same place.
eyes and ears open

heart still in pain,

it feels like brain 

is affected by stain.

Winter is Here

Winter is on

Neither I’ve trust on🌻

Nor I can long for autumn’s gone

Nor even I can survive without the warmth of 🌻.

Now I’m done

With everything I had known

I’m ready with my blanket on

Or, I’ve to burn

To keep myself sun

Unless spring returns

Everything I love.
No poetries are bad, it’s all about how people interpret.

Observing Chhath and its messages (Article)

No doubt that all our festivals have very good reasons to celebrate and message to implement, but Chhath has been more messages manifesting festival in contrary to other festivals, whose execution in everyday lives can make our lives better than ever. And also it is more spiritual, devotional festival than fun and gets together of family members and friends, in a sense that through its rituals we worship nature’s perpetual elements, such as setting sun, rising sun, water sources, and other many more natural rudiments. Actually, all the rituals and works interconnected to this festival are taken exceedingly seriously and it also requires so much effort to accomplish so, there is no space for fun, but, its spiritual bond brings peace to every individual intrinsic self. Thus, people feel proud and the pleasure to be part of it by being used in any activities of this fiesta. However, some of its significant symbolic messages which suggest us to preserve and praise nature and eradicate all types of disparities by filling gaps of age, caste, gender, race, and religion are elaborated.

Among many rituals, the second-day formal procedure, the worshipping of setting sun is quite symbolic. The setting sun is regarded as an ancestor for the sun is soon about to die and worshipping it means giving homage to elderly generation for their presence, guidance, and assistance to the young people. And also learning to take the lesson to be calm for one day everyone has to set the way the sun is going to rest. While we give our genuine gaze to other rites of any festival rituals then we won’t find any festival in which setting sun is worshipped. Only rising sun or new full moon is worshipped.

Similarly, the other emblematic ritual of this festival is to lit light, and float it in flowing river during dark dawn. This ceremony is called Deepa Daan which is considered as life, and also life is compared to it and said there must be light in the life of the people the way the light glows in darkness, and our lives must not be messed with dimness. Along with it, this ceremony also shows the importance of light in darkness and place of light as well.
Additionally, the worshiping of the river, reservoir or any water sources is also very iconic. Here, the water which is taken out of water sources during the rite of the festival is returned to the same source after keeping it during the event. Rationally, such activities hinder us to protect and preserve our resources, and don’t misuse it or harm it so that our coming generation can use it, and hand it to their offspring.
Moreover, on the final day of Chhath Puja, the rising sun is worshipped. The worshipping of rising sun is regarded as hope, opportunity, and inspiration to work and make a change in our lives. Since it is well-known that the entire festival is primarily about worshipping Sun God, and focusing on the rites of the above-mentioned ceremonies related to sun gives us the message of life, set to rise or rise to set which is the universal truth of life.
As there is no any image, the picture of the Goddess Chhathimata, it itself is representative of faith and belief to people. But these days some community is giving the face of female human to statues which are newly being constructed because it is called Chhathi Maiya’s puja.

Since the ambiance of the festival becomes extraordinarily amicable and accommodating because everyone is treated equally at the time of the ceremony. At the festival, everyone assists financially and physically each other, no gender, caste, race, religion is given higher priority, all people come together and bind each other with the sense of equality and fraternity. For instance, people from Muslim community, women, and men, people of different castes all celebrate the festival at the same place without any feeling of superior and inferior. This festival is connecting diverse people by eradicating all kind of discriminations which are logically hazards in social, financial, political upliftment of the nation.
Consequently, this festival’s devotee and devotion towards this, is spreading like kerosene in water. I mean to say that the festival might have started in the plain land of our nation, but now people in hills also are celebrating this festival with the same accent and faith. So, the most modernized and westernized cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara also are not far away from the influence of the festival; people living in these cities also observe this festival.
As I have stated above the symbolic messages and how the festival has been fastening us in same rope like garland made from different flowers. The festival looks like an eminent thread to be in solidarity. Nevertheless, the practicality of the messages of the festival remains no more than the days of Chhath celebration. And now it seems an intricate issue to just rejoice Chhath or execute its messages in daily life like respecting elderly people, preserving natural resources, cooperating each other at the time of need, treating everyone equal and so forth.
In my opinion, if this festival is bringing us closer for a few days, then if we can take a lesson from the festival and implement the messages in our day to day lives. It can really make major changes in our lives. Hence, it promotes unity and harmony in our society, we must implement the messages of Chhath because everyone may not be able to observe Chhath by being on fasting for two days but everyone can be a good devotee of Chhathimaiya by employing the messages of Chhath in the real sense to create oneness.
My write up

Published on online media

@kathmandu Tribune

_Anamika Mishra

On 26 October, 2017

My Mom and Chhathi Maiya

My Mom and Chhathi Maiya
She made me carry heavy bags of belongings,

She made me carry heavy basket of bamboo on my head filled with belongings,

She made me walk bare feet,

She made me walk stony street,

She made me wake up at 3 am in the dawn,

She made me bath in the winter dawn,

She made me forget my arrogance,

She made me practice silence,

She made me lit light in the dark dawn,

She made me stand in dirty water, which I can never appreciate,

She made me do all these things,

And I did all these things,

Bcauze it’s Chhathi Maiya deeds

And doing these gave me peace.
In the memory of Chhat Puja.

_Anamika Mishra

22 October 2017

Near And Distance:Love Between Siblings.

Dedicated to My Sister: Priyanka Mishra
When we’re near,We never did fair,

Always fought for the T.V. remote.

When we’re given pocket money,

Always doubted for new notes.
When we’re on bed,

We always fought for fan air side.

When there’re delicious dishes,

We always suspected for given equal share.
When we’d quarrel with others,

We always showed care, stood together.

When we supported one another,

There was always hidden something:





Always thought of being apart,

Though, we’re the wheels of same cart.
Now, we’re Distanced,

I never saw your deeds,

My imagination kills,

Healing and heading ahead is great deal.

I never knew how you sustained,

I just had hints of your competence.
The competence you have,

Has perplexed me about your perfection.

And has bifurcated, we into I and you.

The bed where we napped, has no warmth.

The war we fought together, have to fight alone.
Do the internet: email, facebook all are only to give good news??

Every time your persuading presentations,

Proceed me towards penetrating private struggles and sufferings.

Don’t confirm your complete cheerfulness,

The chat has no ideas of commencement and conclusion.
Oh the pillow! Gets poured regular.

Oh the present! Fragments

Oh the future! Fragrances.

Night Prayer

Oh! Can you please forgive me for all my wrong deeds?

If yes, I plead to do same with my family, friends and relatives.

My today’s memory is affecting my tomorrow 

Without experiencing sunrise

I imagine sunset

Memory pervading every moment

In this momentary moment of life

I turn wild, unkind and a complaint ‘s client

Wait for a while!!

Memory also are good!

It ripples in my mind

With childhood’s games and friends

What shall I do?

Oh yes!! 

You do everything

Clean my heart from hatred

Fill it with love, and hope

So that I can hug everyone

Eliminate the evil memories

And not only me 

My family, friends and relatives are also suffering from this…
Good night!!😊😊

Rainbow After Rain

After scorching sun and heated day

in the late afternoon

the earth poured with droplets

of water know as rain

for the people who’re in pain

it was way to way out pain

the hearts who’re sniffened of dryness

got drained by rain

and the stains of pain got washed away. 

The earth’s mud got mingled

with the teardrops of sky

made the solid

into paste

and the fragrance was fresh

to address all the exhaustion

because of day.
After a while the sky stopped showering

and the sun shimmered with fair lights

 gazing at the faces peering high

the semi-circle of seven colours in the sky

Thus, why should I cry if  rainbows 

are only seen after rain.

Rainbow after rain.

An Autumn Poem

Dust and dryness

Dwells everywhere

Yet the yellow and mellow

Are seen everywhere

And my heart is hallow

Of  harvest

Rest and attract

Are lingering

And I’m clinging

To the past

Summer with you….

Maturity of life

Plants are fallen apart

And in dart light

I bring bliss

On my smile

To shimmer 

Like seas, and oceans

Roars and engulfs

The creatures

By its edge

And reminds me

Of death

To begin

New life again

Like plants on meadow

Are being Freed 

Of meadow

To germinate it 

With seeds of hybrid 

Passion, patience and peace,

I forget everything

And be happy

For rejuvenation

Bcuz coming

And going is universal truth

I may come

May not come

With same identity

But I’ll always

Be a page in books

To be read in history.