How Do I Leave Thee(poem)

How do I leave thee, who hold me before I could see the sunshine,

How do I leave thee, who suffered a lot just for me, regard me sunshine,

How do I leave thee, who were always with me when the entire world said I can never shine,

How do I let go everything, If I know I’m in and among them.

How do I believe thee, Who only knew me,

When I was in cream.

How do I believe thee, Who only knew me,

Through my dream.

How do I believe thee, who survive and I know surviving is not life.

How do I believe thee, who wanted me to die, And I want to guide many girls’  life.
I can’t claim the genre of this piece but I think it can be read through the perspective of romanticism.

If you dare (poem)

If you dare,

To ask me

My favourite day

I would say

The earthquake days

The months were April and May.

If you dare

To ask me,


I would reply,

People didn’t care 

Only for I, me, my, and mine

They cared for each other’s life.

If you dare

To ask me,


I would tell you now,

The world was free

Of caste and creed

They cared every little seed

They did glorious deeds.

If you dare

To ask me,


I would show you here

Religion was not the reason

To fight and fright

And love prevailed not for reasons

Where fear and terror fierced

But everyone favoured each other.

If you dare

To ask me,


I would snore

Caring and sharing was the life

And it showed and startled

The slumber to alive.

Let’s come to aim at union

Let’s come to cease the classification and concretization

Let’s employ emotion, and notion

Because all we want is a space

Of smile, shine, and serenity

To spray harmony and humanity

To sparkle our morality and deity of the city.

2072 B.S. Nepal

A prayer to God(poem)

Since U r within me 

I put all my records

Of being heard,

Of doing wrong deeds,

Taking more than needs

They can feed their family.

Since U r within me 

I make a file of dails

Of paupers at time of need

For not knowing the reasons

Of their not growing seeds.

Does the seeds are exchanged

By thee?

The guttered glistening gaze

Of my brothers and sisters

Could be and see,

The Oceans of bliss

And dive in the sea

Of sorrow to be kind tomorrow,

And not squint at the mirror

Of narrow.

Some people are enough to destroy themselves

A few days back I went to discuss something with someone, I respect.
I began the conversation by starting with someone else matter. The matter was about his  his change. It’s difficult to claim that it was his endeavour or not, but, at present people proclaim prosperity as success. And the source of it is only money which is in foreignland.


I said, “Did you know about Mr. ABC? He is moving to D place.”

The person reacted very ruthlessly, ” So what? He can destroy nothing of mine.”

I was astonished by his response. Actually, I felt so bad and self-hatred for being rolled in such surroundings. And then again I drank a glass of water to cool down and calm my heated mind. And finally, I thought for a while and suddenly, I got gut from my innerself. That the person was absolutely right, no one can destroy him, not even his enemies. S/he, her/his attitude is enough to engulf him. I want to congrats his rivals to stay at peace.
I didn’t discuss the issue with him/her and returned back with a smile on my whole face.

A Parrot of Protection

My single soul

Facing strings

of friends, relatives 

but the strong

and the most hurting strings 

are of my own dreams.

I wear the cream

to hide my emotions 

like a parrot speaking

the words of master

to engage and entertain

the listen to show 

the art of Oracle.

Patience or Peril??

Flying time to shine,

Still I dine every night.

Shall I take it right??

Or shall I take it wrong,

For not being able to fight??
Anyway,  it’s intricate and unknown,

For one makes me emotionally strong,

For other it proves me notionally wrong,

In many way, for me, it’s howlingly forlorn.
I hear of my peers ecstasy,

It nacked me, and I deal of odious.

My bouche opens in opposite of fancy,

I mourn  for the path is perilous.
People take it patience,

I take it achievement.

The amity with loneliness,

Has created me infatuated,

Towards treasure by banishment.

Personal Issue of the Day

Tomorrow is very important day of my life. After accomplishing Masters Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, I want to join teaching for experience and exercise of my mind not for money. For I think, through teaching only I can enhance my education and knowledge. And again for joining M. Phil I’m too young and even I don’t own any work experience in the field of academia . Thus, I’m going to give my cv to different colleges in the city for higher secondary level English teacher.

Here the matter is, my lecturers and professors who taught me, Literary Theory(feminism) has already alerted me that if I look beautiful; there is high possibility of being hired my good companies/places and I’m an average looking girl. This is the first case which triggers me tremendously.

 The second case is, the place/environment where I’ve moved after my masters studies is totally different. Here, people time and again acknowledge me that I’m a girl. I don’t understand what they try to make me understand. Do they know more about me than I do; my body, character, qualification and so forth. And coincidentally, today is the longest day of the year, to focus on these issues. 

The day seems like never ending

My motivation is getting negative blending

With fear and failure of faith

And causing hatred towards this heaven

And feels like hell and hearth.

The other special thing about the day is, it’s music day. Actually, on regular basis I choose my music, but, today music is choosing me.

Music is emotion enhancer

When I’m in good mood

I feel like a dancer

And dance like Papa’s Waltz.

Today, I’m motionless

Yet, restless and the activeness

Of mind is in 100 speediness

Oops!! What is the worth of this restless

They’re all senseless, and mess.

The other speciality of the day is, it’s Yoga Day. And there is no Fog on my face but heart is filled with frozen lake of fear, and perplexion.😣😣😣.

Tears During Life and Death(poem)

Shed no tears to my death

For the oozing tears will remind 

My soul of your selfishness.
Shed no tears to my death

For my soul will not mind

Your pain in its own happiness.
Shed no tears to my death

For my soul has nothing

To do with your sadness.
Shed tears during my life

For my soul will find

Your togetherness.
Shed tears during my life

For my soul will confirm

Me comfort out of loneliness.
Shed tears or not during my life

But express always your kindness.

Shed tears at my death or not

For my soul will not care your wildness.

The Fog of Supremacy (poem)

The fog has prohibited my eyes lids 

To rise high,  it’s low

And my vehicle is slow,

And I don’t follow the flow

Of my soul.


Even though I raise my hands’ 

To clean the mists

My fingers has to get low

To remove the sands

 That won’t let to grow.
So, the clutches I carry 

Has made  me small.

Thus, I see everyone Small,

And never hear anyone’s call,

Even my soul callings fall.
Though mentors have taught,

“All the fruitful, and fruition

  begins at lowered tree.”

And caring hearts are neither free

Of responsibilities nor dreams.
Sometimes, I act blind

Sometimes, I act deaf

Sometimes, I act dump

And this the way, to remains Reasonless

Don’t set vision, and make illusion

Don’t ask her

Don’t ask her 

To be in limits,

And be in boundary

For if she has in ward eye

She’ll always be outside.
Don’t ask her

To be in kitchen

She’ll act like kitten

She’ll taste chicken

Instead, let her free

For if she’ll be outside

She’ll only believe in 

What she has seen

And where she has been.
Don’t ask her

To be in

She’ll be mean

She’ll disapprove

Your and inner beauty.