Her ideas, her expressions and her smile
The greatest bliss of our lives
Wanted to slap her and awake her
But couldn’t dare, because I also care her
And care is the most potent form of love.


Someone has said
‘pain is not only present in tears.
Sometimes, it is also present in smile.’
But when you are alone,
Smile will not be the expression of pain
It will only be remorseful tears.

The Morning Walk

It was Tuesday
i woke up at 4:45
and called my nephew
to join me to morning walk
i saw many people on the way
and many people passes by me too
but while returning
i glanced a man with clutches
in his both hand
his one leg’s pant was folded
above his knee
the second leg’s pant
was perhaps unrolled
and he was walking with much difficulty
i also have seen him before
on a scooty, which he rides himself
his scooty is special than others
i doesn’t need balancing
it has got more space
than keeping legs
and his clutches are kept there
so that if he stops his scooty
and ascends and descends his vehicles
he can have easy access
apparently, he is in job because before this
i had seen him at 9:30 am around my home
Why does he need a morning walk
and a job, he is crippled man
where there are many people who have got
sound health,
and a full pair of leg,
and also a couple of hand?
Shall I call him a handicap
for his hands are of no use when he walks
or, an independent equal man
because he has trouble
but he doesn’t ask for favor
with anyone physically and economically
there are some people who must be laughing at him,
there must be some fellow who would be suggesting his to quit his job.
He lives somewhere at Santinagar or Radhemai.

I thanked God for granting me
the most precious things;
hands, legs, and eyes.
We are blessed!
We can utilize our hands, legs, and eyes
to make things easy for us.


April used put youth in everything
Like pink lips and rosy cheeks.
It used to trim the effects of winter
And groominess from human beings.

And all creature and nature begin to sing
the song of summer and spring.
The poor had chances to be rich,
The thick had opportunity to be fit.

The feeling of king and queen we missed
Parties, feasts, graduations everything were skipped.
The transportations were not transporting and the world stopped moving
Like ship at harbour to be safe but it was not there meant to be,
And the finding that april is different is,
This April was after covid-19.😥

Heartfelt condolence to progress that could come to human race,
And also to human lives we lost
And everything now to face.

Sometimes, there will be cloud
Sometimes, there will be rain.

But, never forget rainbow
and sunshine are seen
after cloud and rain.

So, let cloud and rain
mingle in your life,
for they let you learn
the worth of rainbow
and sunshine in life.

Life is worth living
when you are fighting for something.


Winter Morning

No matter, the sun rises or not,
The moon sets or not
No matter, it is summer or winter
Waking up early morning is always sweeter
Than drinking the liquor
Of bitterness – yesterday
It is changed into today.
And every today is like blossom of may.

Winter Magic

There is magic in little things
There is magic in unexpected sunrise
There magic in dried clothes
There is magic in choosing foodies
There is magic in Christmas gift
There is magic in groceries_ they don’t get dried,
And lost their moisture
I don’t face, take bath daily torture
I enjoy people being my closer
And so, why should I hate winter?
It is followed by spring
Some dies but replacing it with new wings.

Who to Blame?

Day and night, everyday
I don’t see a ray of light
During day sun keeps on hide
And darkness engulf me every night
The moonlight doesn’t come my way.

Sometimes, I blame my luck
The other times, my karma
And more often I see bridge
That shows me how easy life is,
And a clue to end it and begin new story.

End of day is not that scornful
But beginning of day is painful
Because it doesn’t abolish hopelessness
To fill me with blissfulness.

Oh! I have my best friend
Who never let me be alone
My heart also wants to take rest,
And my fellow favours me, every moment
It is said, situation and deep operation of thoughts.


The Unpaid Job

i am a weird thing
i am wish and want of many
i bring lives on the earth
and make dead alive.
i have made mountains and hills
but they never come down to meet me.
i am no one’s pride
everyone wants me to hide.
the battle i fight don’t get me
any medal or penny.


I hope I’m meeting thou in the dawn
So that I won’t fall down
And will have sufficient strange to rise high
And meeting thou won’t remark ending
Rather it makes a new and warm beginning
Like dawn brings sunshine
The buds to bloom and spread fragrance
And can have calm over the strength to take revenge.